Awesome Nutella cookies

I love Nutella. For some reason growing up my family never brought it in Denmark, but whenever we was on vacation in Germany – it must have been cheaper there. It was a special treat, usually reserved for weekend breakfasts.

Of course, as an adult, I can eat it whenever I want, but despite their commercials trying to tell you otherwise, I don’t think it is particularly healthy. But oh, so good.

I definitely want to try and make my own hazelnut-chocolate spread, like the recipe on this great blog, but for for turning it into cookies the commercial stuff works just fine.

Ever since I saw this recipe for Nutella cookies on, I have been wanting to try them. This Sunday we went to a potluck party, so I decided to bring them.

They turned out really well, and were pretty easy to make. The fact that you add cocoa powder as well as the Nutella make it a very rich cookie, which in my opinion is a good thing.

I did end up using roasted hazelnuts, as those were the only I could get – I find it very hard to get hazelnuts here, my local Safeway only carries tiny little bags. Luckily a local Indian grocer has big bags of delicious roasted ones. They work fine with the recipe, as I am sure fresh ones would.

Also note that 1 cup of Nutella is about 330g, I prefer weighing something that dense to measuring as it is was hard to get it in and out of the cup measurer.

I baked them for 12 minutes, and they turned out a little chewy for me, I could probably have given them a minute longer for a little more crisp.