Baking this week

I got a lot of baking in this week! I was so busy that I forgot to blog a recipe though.

It was my birthday, so I made a traditional Danish layer birthday cake – post about that following soon! I received Levy Rosenbaum’s The Bread Bible as a birthday present, and so far I can recommend the book. I made a basic hearth bread and a potato sandwich loaf from it, and both were delicious even if I messed up some of the instructions for the potato bread. She goes over a bit of technique in the book, and most of the recipes require more rising than I am used to, so it feels like you need a long time available to bake. I will see if I can get used to it, and post some results of the baking here. So far I am making the potato bread again soon again I expect, this time I will see if I can follow all the steps.

I also baked some buckwheat gingerbread cookies from a recipe from Food & Wine Magazine. I wanted to try and bake some gluten free cakes, and these looked interesting. I don’t think they were entirely successful, but I suspect it might be because my buckwheat flour was a bit old (and reading on the package it says it is best stored in the refrigerator).


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